Coaching Cadres

"The Center of Excellence for Corporate Executive Coaches™"

Coaching Cadres:

“Coaching Cadres”  are a group of individuals with a common cause and a commitment of improving the field of Corporate Executive Coaching, both alone and by using ACEC as a sounding board and/or as a lobbyist. They may also be groups under a learning umbrella.

  • Coaches can work independently or together under one brand name. The coaches may be considered as permanent staff and/or those who have joined the group while maintaining their own independent practice.
  • Coaches may also come together for the sole purpose of being an ACEC “Coaching Cadre.”
Our Goal:
  • To act as a lobbying voice against unfair practices
  • To ensure inclusive practices verses the creation and enforcement of monetary focused practices
  • To help ensure ethics and practices for the greater good of corporate executive coaches
  • Is to offer a virtual “town hall” to act as a funnel of information for groups to utilize
  • To make “affiliate insurance” (discounted) plans available
  • Is to act as a bridge to discounted tools and advanced certification programs
  • Is to act as a bridge to discounted services important to the continued success of your business
  • To maintain flexibility in incorporating your ideas to support your goals and to support the continued success of our industry
  • To provide our “Coaching Cadres” with the best services and benefits in our industry for senior level coaches
  • Contact us for membership dues,
The Investment:
  • We only ask that “Coaching Cadres”, presents and maintain the membership of a total of 5 qualified individual members per year in the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. The leader is asked to collect and pay membership fees annually.
  • We ask for bi-annual feedback from the leader in terms of how are we doing.
  • We ask that the leader share with us what additional services they might require from us.
  • We ask that the leader share with us what our industry needs us to support.

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