Senior Professional Level Membership


The Senior Professional level membership in ACEC is intended to be available to Corporate Executive Coaches whose combined experience is in business, and executive coaching/consulting. It is also available to those who wish to become certified as Master Level as an MCEC credential holder in the future at a later date. *
Membership includes a coaching community, evolving content, annual conference discount,  research and best practices, cross mentorship for next-generation/existing generation, free access to webinars, etc.

Eligibility Examples (one or more of the following):

  • 8-10 yrs: Executive leadership experience and some executive coaching experience. Served at a leadership level and is transitioning into coaching leaders at the highest echelons within organizations
  • 7-8 years: Manager/Director Level Business: who currently has significant executive coaching experience and/or transitioning into full-time executive coaching

  • Plus:

      • Professional recognition from reputable colleagues for competence, collaboration, and humility
      • Prior degrees, training experience, and continuous professional development, are considered part of our evaluation process.
      • Recognized executive coaching with senior leaders
      • A belief in executive coaching as an “enterprise-wide business partnership™ ” with clients.
      • Certified/ certificate in two validated and reliable coaching tools
      • Respect for and support an ethics code
      • An ongoing commitment to continuing education and professional development
      • A belief in giving back to the community through volunteerism
      • Preferred mentoring experience of other executive coaches and/or leaders
      • ACEC reserves the right to utilize its professional judgment in making the final determination for acceptance into the association.
  • Members of our sister professions may join this level such as … Human Resources/ Organizational Development/ Training and Development and may apply for certification if they meet the requirements for certification
  • Members of the academic community who are teaching executive coaching, leadership development, etc. may apply for this level and may apply for certification if they meet the requirements for certification

FEE:  $750 annually; one-time application fee $100. Click Here to pay

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