Associate Level Membership


The Associate Level membership is intended for those executives from other fields who are interested in pursuing a career in executive coaching and are seeking guidance, mentorship* and the tools to enter or grow their professionalism.

Membership includes a coaching community, evolving content, discount to a special annual conference designed for this level of membership, assess to MEECO TV, research and best practices, mentorship with a master coach.

This program is for individuals who are interested in contributing, growing, and developing professional coaching portfolios in a way that supports their ability to be an “enterprise-wide business partner™” with their clients.

*Additional Fee based on level of use and type of service provided during the membership period

Eligibility Examples

  • 9-14 years: progressive accomplishments in their current field
  • No coaching experience is required however, clear evidence of interest in the field must be demonstrated such as coursework, certifications.


      • Professional recognition from reputable colleagues for competence, collaboration, and humility
      • Prior degrees, training experience, and continuous professional development, are considered as part of our evaluation process.
      • A belief in executive coaching as an “enterprise-wide business partnership™ ” with clients.
      • Certified in 1 validated and reliable assessment tools within one year of membership
      • Respect for and support of an ethics code
      • An ongoing commitment to continuing education and professional development
      • A belief in giving back to the community through volunteerism
      • A willingness to be mentored by a master-level coach
      • ACEC reserves the right to utilize its professional judgment in making the final determination for acceptance into the association.
  • Members of our sister professions may join this level such as … Human Resources/ Organizational Development/ Training and Development 
  • Members of the academic community who are teaching executive coaching, leadership development, etc. may apply for this level

FEE:  $525 annually; one time application fee $100, Click here to pay.

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