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Thank you again for your graciousness as I navigate these challenging times. I wonder if you would be open to sharing my response to this lovely email with our members.

Dear fellow members,

First, I want to thank CB for her tireless support and this very lovely message. When Cindy Burnham invited me to attend our last in-person conference in fall of 2019, I thought I’d spend a few days in the lovely climate of San Diego and meet some new people. Little did I know how that event would change my life! I met the most amazing, brilliant, and motivated people in the professional coaching industry. I was beyond impressed and knew I had to be part of this association because it would challenge me to level up my practice while putting me shoulder to shoulder with some of the best coaches in the industry. Little did we know at that time that we were at the threshold of some of the world’s most challenging times ahead. 

Like everyone else, we pivoted. ACEC stepped up to help members figure out how to continue their great work in our new virtual world. CB brought thought-provoking speakers to help us navigate and understand this new reality. Never have I been so grateful to have the support of CB and my fellow ACEC members. ACEC not only survived… it thrived! And so did I!!!

The virtual conference was a LOT of work, but it was also a lot of FUN. With the help of dedicated, creative committee members, we experienced FOUR days of top-notch speakers and great connection with one another.

If you are looking for a way to supercharge your connections and coaching practice, I say to you… get involved and leverage all your membership has to offer. I have truly enjoyed my role as the Chair of the Educational Services Committee and am thrilled to pass the baton to the Amazing Ana. I’m not going away, just stepping into the shadows for a bit while I manage family challenges. Some lucky person who will step up and offer to co-chair with Ana is about to embark on a learning journey like no other. I urge you to seriously consider this position. It’s a chance to learn that you will not regret.

Eternally grateful,


Marshall GoldsmithI have been very impressed by the work being done by ACEC to elevate the quality of executive coaching in organizations and educate decisions makers on what makes an executive coach a real “enterprise-wide business partner™.…Marshall Goldsmith 2015


 Jim Kouzes_photoNEWI am greatly impressed by how ACEC continues to raise the bar for those who have attained the mastery level of corporate executive coaching worldwide. Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge



HAPPY Thanksgiving to all of my American ACEC colleagues. I take the opportunity to share how grateful I am to be part of this association of excellence. Through ACEC I have met incredible people that contribute to make me a better person. THANK YOU CB, you are truly one of a kind.


 “Thanks for your support and comments.  I am so excited to be part of such a leading-edge association and look forward to being part of such an amazing group.” Susan Conti



 “My experience with ACEC is that it is ALL substance and connects  me to people who are deeply committed to our craft. And I agree we should describe it in a way that connects with heart and head. I’m in this for both!! “…”I love this organization you’ve created” Best, Kelli

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 RE: MEECO Designation/ Gala: “Thank you Frank for leading us through this innovative and industry expanding process. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the (MEECO Designation) applications and learning how two classic companies approach coaching…

Finally, my hat is off to CB for always making the world better wherever she goes – I stand in awe of your creativity. With great admiration and deep appreciation.” Sue
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RE: MEECO Designation/ Gala: …”Let me be the first to say most of this came from our leader (YOU!). Thank you for your leadership of this process and making it come alive from inception to an incredible conclusion at the Gala. Warmest regards, Frank
Frank Wagner new

RE: MEECO Designation/ Gala: “Frank is right, it’s your leadership that generates commitment and makes us want to be part of this great organization that you are building, day after day.” THANK YOU, Anne
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 RE: Message sent welcoming a new member: Welcome to ACEC. We are a group of professionals united in our cause to give only our best to quality executive coaching throughout the world, while continuing to hone our craft to ensure we are always ready to do so. Pris
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 “Great connection with David Chow today. He and I talked for an hour and it seemed very natural and helpful. He has a number of resources that will help me, and I’m sending him a number that he was interested in…. Mutually beneficial! Thanks again….great idea! Bob Thanks so much CB for thinking of this and then facilitating these connections.”
“I’ll look forward to connecting with David, Frank and Paul in the next little while if only to initially set up a brief time to connect. As CB mentioned, I had a really nice initial conversation with Frank and he was very gracious. I also had a great connection with Rick already, and I’m going to be working on the Membership Committee with him and Lisa.

I sincerely appreciate Lisa’s part in sponsoring me to join this supportive community. Best regards,” Bob





“…I feel quite comfortable independently reaching out to any ACEC member and initiating a deeper connection because of the personal and professional qualities of the members based upon how you have designed ACEC!” Rick



To: CB and the ACEC Team;

I just wanted to let you know that I have 17 participants for my dissertation, and two folks have promised a response in the next two days…
Membership in ACEC has brought me into group of great thinkers, great coaches, and great supporters of the membership. I feel like family. One of the great things about ACEC is being connected with individuals who care about people. You demonstrated it with your help with my dissertation.
CB you are a dynamic and wonderful person. You are tenacious, and passionate and also warm and giving. Thanks for embracing me as a friend!…
Warm regards,
Andrea Adams, Esq., Ph.D-ABD


“… ACEC fills an important role in the executive coaching community by providing a way for seasoned corporate executive coaches to be industry catalysts in shaping the highest coaching standards, as well as providing the opportunity for members to be individually recognized through a rigorous credentialing process for maintaining those standards for many years, resulting in their clients achieving their business goals…”

Eileen Broer, MCEC Master Corporate Executive Coach CEO, Human Dimension


…ACEC represent a microcosm of what members have contributed to the world of executive coaching at the highest level and what they will continue to bring to the world of executive coaching…”

CB Bowman, MBA, MCEC, CMC, PCEC Master Corporate Executive Coach CEO, Executive Leadership, LLC“…

Master executive coaches by nature tend to display a passion for their work that is not seen in many professions. ACEC offers the unique opportunity to associate with colleagues who play on a whole different level. Those who seek membership with ACEC have exceeded expectations beyond even their own professional standards. They repeatedly reset the bar for one another and seek additional pathways to give back to the client and the industry they serve…”

Priscilla D. Nelson, MA, MS, MCEC, BCC, CPT President & CEO Nelson Cohen Global Consulting

What organizations are saying  “…An amazing repository of information about executive coaching and its relationship to the bottom line…” CEO in the Food Service Industry “…If I had known about ACEC we could have articulated what we needed better to our coach…” Human Resource Executive from a Non-profit Association “…ACEC was able to walk us through the process of hiring a coach, as a result we were able to find the perfect coaches for our professional development program…” Financial Institution in Qatar

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