MCEC Certification Committee

The MCEC Certification Committee was established to oversee, administer and maintain the  credentialing process for the MCEC (Master Corporate Executive Coach Certification).

This committee serves under the MEECO Leadership Institute and is comprised of Master Corporate Executive Coaches (MCEC) in good standing and who demonstrate high caliper expertise as an enterprise wide business partner, in addition to academic, reaearch, and professional achievements of excellence as measured by their colleagues.

The mission of the Credentialing Committee is to verify and affirm expertise in the field of corporate executive coaching.  As ACEC promotes excellence and recognizes diversity the field, the Credentialing Committee supports a strong foundation for practice.  Members are responsible for:

      • Vetting and certification of MCEC candidates
      • Review of certification requirements
      • Review and termination of certification due to cause
      • Determination of CEU requirements

Participation is completely voluntarily and obligation is based on the capacity and aspirations of the volunteer.  Meetings take place on an as-needed basis, virtually by telephone or Zoom. This committee serves under the MEECO Leadership Institute


      • Members must be MCEC holders
      • Academic and professional accomplishments are considered
      • 50% of this committee members are PhD’s
      • Comfortable with inquiry into a colleagues background and qualifications

Committee Chairpersons welcome your questions.  Please reach out and ask:

      • How will serving on the ACEC Certification Committee support your business goals?
      • Who are fellow members?
      • How the committee operates?
      • What are the Committee purposes, processes, accomplishments and goals?
      • For information about the Committee meeting schedule and meeting times?