MCEC Re-Certification Process

MCEC maintains high standards for professional master-level corporate executive coaches and requires holders to be re-certified every three years.

MCEC’s are required to have 60 hours of continuing education (CE) or related activities (RA) every 36 months.

Random audits are conducted each year to ensure quality. A random sample of existing MCEC certification holders will be selected for audit each January and reviewed for adherence to the MCEC certification requirements and standards.

MCEC certification holders are asked to maintain evidence of successful completion of their CE/RA activities.

With the notable exception of a minimum of 3 hours of CE for Ethics/Legal Aspects of Coaching, MCEC certification holders are free to choose which categories and the number of hours they invest in each category to maintain their MCEC certification.

The MCEC holder requirements for recertification need to demonstrate commitment and achievement in the following areas for the previous term of certification:

Advanced Coaching Competencies

Examples: Coaching dynamics, coaching models, supporting particular professions (e.g. legal, medical, entrepreneurs, veterans), mindfulness, resilience, multicultural alignment, virtual team management and certifications within specialties (SSTD, SHRM).

Business Acumen

Examples: Board member/director of a company/businesses other than your own, business planning, strategy formulation/execution, finance, accounting, M&A, marketing, leadership, management, crisis management, organizational design/development, supply chain, succession planning, and industry specific topics

Psychological Acumen

Examples: Assessments, behavior change, developmental psychology (e.g. adult development), cognitive psychology (e.g. positive psychology, stress management), social psychology (e.g. EQ), psychopathology (e.g. anxiety, depression, ADHD), personality disorders (e.g. narcissism, borderline, OCD), neuropsychology (e.g. conversational intelligence), counseling psychology (e.g. counseling)

Generating/sharing knowledge (e.g., research, writing, speaking, teaching)

Must include 3 CE hours of Ethics/Legal Aspects of Coaching. Suggested examples of additional topics: strategic planning, classic and digital marketing, sales, consulting, professional services, accounting and finance, alliance management.

Pro Bono

Examples: Volunteerism, Mentorship, ACEC Committee participation


Relevant activity consistent with the intent of MCEC Certification Standards

Below is a link to a downloadable Excel template which can be used to track MCEC recertification activities. Audited MCEC certification holders will be asked to submit this form as evidence to support maintaining their MCEC status.