Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) Credential

What is the MCEC credential? The MEECO Leadership Institute has created the Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) credential as a means to independently verify that applicants have met professional coaching competency standards established by ACEC and subject matter experts.

MEECO believes that holders of the Master Corporate Executive Coach certification are consummate professionals representing the top tier of executive coaches. MCECs are “enterprise-wide business partners™”.

These standards reflect the common knowledge, skills, and abilities of a professional corporate executive coach, plus client business knowledge.

The certification of the Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) is a mark of quality. It demonstrates to the business world that a professional coach has:

    • Achieved academic and professional proficiency
    • Obtained experience in the field of coaching working with senior level clients
    • Been recognized as a fellow professional colleague
    • Agreed to respect and follow an enforceable ethics code
    • Committed to continuing education
    • Attained mastery of assessments in the field of executive coaching
    • The interpersonal skills to work with colleagues towards a common goal
    • A belief in giving back to the community through volunteerism
    • Evidence of coaching success
    • Evidence of sharing his/her knowledge through various media
    • Obtained experience being responsible for the profitability of an organization (other than his/her own practice) and management of the bottom line.