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Association for Corporate Executive Coaches Assists Current and Prospective Members Hit by Hard Times.

The Marshall Goldsmith Membership Scholarship now available for two executive coaches per year.

“The Marshall Goldsmith Membership Scholarship is a meaningful and active demonstration of the values of the ACEC. The scholarship brings to life creating a sense of community through collaboration and partnership by recognizing those members of the community who may be struggling and could rise above the struggle with the help of the financial resources being provided. I am grateful to be a member of this community building Association.” –Susan Curtin

July 28, 2014 – The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC), a global organization driving results-oriented standards to define the master-level executive coaching industry, announced the creation of The Marshall Goldsmith Membership Scholarship, designed to assist current and/or prospective ACEC members impacted by one of three hardship areas. Only current and prospective members, who meet ACEC’s rigorous admission standards and can prove adversity, are eligible for the award.

The scholarship, named in honor of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, an inaugural winner of the ACEC’s Thought Leader of Distinction award for his contributions to the field of leadership and executive coaching as well as the world’s top ten most influential business thinkers, will be offered to two eligible coaches per year whose economic, health and/or natural disaster hardships have caused a substantial negative impact on the profitability of their executive coaching business.

For instance, on April 27-30, 75 confirmed tornados touched down from Nebraska to North Carolina and included storms with winds in excess of 150 mph, causing extensive damage to property. If your executive coaching business was impacted by these storms and you were applying for ACEC membership, you may qualify for a scholarship on both economic and natural disaster grounds.

“Scholarship, or the institutionalized practice of subsidizing the cost of an education for a worthy student based on need and merit is a tradition well established in academia,” said CB Bowman ACEC CEO. “The ACEC is dedicated to providing members with continuous learning opportunities, credentialing, and a sense of community through collaboration and partnership, and we are pleased to extend that tradition into the executive coaching field.”

Applications and supporting documentation will be held in strict confidence, while being reviewed by a special committee. Like with any claim of financial, health or natural disaster hardship, proof will be required of such circumstances and can include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical bills or diagnosis
  • Home repair bills
  • Tax returns

ACEC membership is based on a variety of challenging credentials. Chief among them include: 10 years verified paid coaching and business experience at the executive level, certification in a minimum of two globally recognized assessment instruments such as: MBTI, Hogan, MRG or a certification in the Stakeholder Centered Coaching program, responsible for delivering programs covering leadership competencies’ to an audience of a minimum of 100 attendees, and 5 letters of reference from clients where a minimum of three must be personally vetted by an ACEC board member.

In the last decade, the executive coaching industry has grown to become a vital partner to practically any company looking to get ahead by relying on objective, expert-trained third-party expertise. Already companies worldwide spend about $1 billion per year on executive coaches. Often these companies select their executive coaches based on the coach’s credentials, which include a reputable list of previous clients, reputation, as well as their professional affiliations. The ACEC, founded in 2010, is fast becoming a group of senior level executive coaches who are setting the gold standard by which corporate executive coaches are measured.

“Failure to achieve – or maintain – membership through circumstances beyond the executive coaches’ control should not be permitted,” Bowman added. “The Marshall Goldsmith Membership Scholarship helps mitigate the type of hard luck situations that can befall on any of us at any time. I’m confident our organization will be even stronger thanks to its creation.”

About the ACEC
Founded in 2010, the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches has a unique global mission: To recognize master-level executive coaches and support their work worldwide through forums for continuous learning, collaboration and community – while upholding rigorous admission and credentialing requirements – so members can make the most positive impact possible on business leadership and performance.
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