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Membership for Individuals

 $375./yr per person US Residents

 $300./yr per person Non-US Residents

Memberships that elect  automatic renew save a $25 administration fee. Membership dues are $375 instead of $400 for US residents and $300 instead of $325.00 for non US residents per year.

Memberships that elect standard renewal will incur a $25 administration fee. Membership dues are $400 instead of $375 for US residents and $325 instead of $300 for non US residents per year.

 All of our efforts are to raise the respect and level of expertise for Master Level Corporate Executive Coaches.

 Additionally, membership affords you the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Publish a white paper four times a year in our “InGage” newsletter released to 3,000 executive coaches and organizations worldwide

  • Have your blog named on Google as one of the best blogs for executive coaching

  • MCEC Certification, Opportunity to be certified as a Master Corporate Executive Coach

  • Opportunity for high-level networking with other master level corporate executive coaches

  • Identify and form business partners with others at your caliber.

  • Continuous knowledge sharing and growth opportunities including accredited CEU programs for Master Level Executive Coaches

  • Now, through the members’ only website you can access our member directory to meet and connect with members across the country

  • Our advocacy works with organizations such as ISO (International Standards Organization) GSAEC – Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching on issues that are important to you as an Executive Coach who is an “Enterprise Wide Business Coach.”

  • Through the MEECO Institute, we work to identify, recognize and edit organizations working as best in class models for Executive Coaching, employee engagement and corporate culture in organizations. Think Tanks are established to ensure continuous high-level use of executive coaches as well as research in our field.

  • Leadership Opportunities are available by becoming active in ACEC, the MEECO Institute™/ Conference™ or the BrainTrust – provides you with the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills, interests and identify new business opportunities.

  • Discounts, when you use the discounts available to you as a member, you even earn back your membership dues, adding up savings like these:

  • Membership provides you with the opportunity to apply for professional liability,

  • Discounts on our annual conference

  • Discounts on CEU workshops

  • Affiliate Marketing programs for our Annual Conference

  • Affiliate Marketing programs for new membership 9coming soon)

  • Discounts for Word Press, and digital marketing management and services

  • Discounts for Virtual Assistance

  • Free quarterly newsletter

  • News blasts for industry news

  • Peer-to-peer coaching advice

  • Commercialization of your publications

  • Increase SEO for your website and blog

  • Paid mentor coach opportunities (coming soon)

  • And more.

Warmly and with a deep respect for your decision, we look forward to your kind response.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Research on tablet pc touchpad, ebook conceptMembers receive the exclusive opportunity to share their thought leadership by contributing original articles to the “InGage” journal. A research based journal for the Executive Coaching field, with its nearly 5,000 and growing community of human capital executives, and corporate executives. Members can submit business articles and tips directly to our editor.


Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word credibility.Members can increase their credibility with customers, hires, partners and investors by associating their organizations with the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. All members receive web badges/logo and marketing collateral to display on their web properties including their website and their email signatures.


Members can bring added value to their coaching portfolio by applying to be credentialed as a Master Level Corporate Executive Coach.


SEOThe personal branding program is designed to help members improve their SEO results. It includes a high-quality web property on our public website, and being listed in the experts section of our public website. In addition, there are several opportunities to connect with us through your various social networking channels.


f95a57c8-a029-4fe8-9baa-997f2ec2ec67Members are invited to join international and colleague type associations at a discounted rate. In addition they are invited to attend invitation-only events curated to maximize connections and enjoy access to value-added events.


Expert Advice on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.Members get peer insight and advice on their biggest challenges anytime through our highly engaged Peer-to-peer Master Level Executive coaching on-line mini conferences. In addition, our dedicated concierge team is standing by to help them find like-minded contacts when they’re traveling or facing a specific business challenge


Template icon. Sign sales. Barcode. Shopping. Discounts. Sale. Buy.Members can also access volume discounts from the best qualified service providers in nearly every industry (including assessments, payment processing solutions, business insurance, and CRM solutions).


Concierge sign in a luxury hotelOur concierge approach makes every member’s experience unique. From making one-to-one introductions to peers to curating needed business resources, our concierge strategy is committed to connecting every member to the right peers and resources at the right time.


Online Learning illustration with tablet computer on blue backgroundMembers have access to a variety of educational resources on demand. From a members-only magazine to 24/7 online dashboards and on-demand content such as their member’s only web-portal members can access the educational resources they need around the clock.


Members-only web-based address book to help our members stay connected to the community and our team, enabling them to request introductions to fellow members and enjoy on-demand access to member benefits anytime, anywhere.


Future VisionComing Soon…Members will receive discounted support from a personal virtual assistant. Our virtual assistants are trained to help members maximize their benefits, like events and travel services, in addition to helping with scheduling and other business and personal tasks.


Professional Memberships and Credentials:

Showing your affiliation with a standards-setting global organization, such as ACEC, demonstrates your commitment to ethical practice and continuous education and professional development. Research tells us “consumers report greater satisfaction with the coaching experience when they partner with a coach who holds a credential and/or professional membership”. Coaching skills need to be refreshed, and prospects need to know that you’re up to date in your professional practice through Continuing Education Units (CCE).


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