Jordan Goldrich, MCEC

Jordan Goldrich

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”— Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Jordan Goldrich

Chief Operations Officer of CUSTOMatrix
Executive Coach

Jordan Goldrich is an Executive Coach and the Chief Operations Officer of CUSTOMatrix, a professional services firm incorporated in 2005. Jordan draws on a diverse skill set acquired from his background as a Chief Operations Officer, Executive Coach and mentor coach for other executive coaches with the Center for Creative Leadership, and licensed therapist. His talent lies in an ability to assist senior executives in achieving business results while simultaneously developing their organizations, employees and themselves. Jordan is a specialist in resolving workplace conflict. He assists executives and their teams in collaborating more effectively, repairing the leaks that drain money, people and productivity.

As Chief Operations Officer of a behavioral healthcare company, Jordan was instrumental in creating an 800% increase in revenue over seven years, securing an HMO license and executing a successful acquisition by WellPoint Health Networks.

As an Executive Coach, he has provided leadership coaching for two, fast-track Senior Vice Presidents with a 1 trillion investment firm. Both were promoted to Executive Vice President. He designed and implemented both a senior leadership and a supervisory academy for the San Diego Community College District. These programs have been running successfully for 5 years.