CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC,)

Founder and CEO Association of Corporate Executive Coaches and MEECO Leadership Institute.

CB Bowman is a towering figure in organizational leadership and executive coaching, celebrated for her pioneering contributions and transformative impact on leadership dynamics within corporations. As a venerated expert in courageous leadership, CB’s seminal work, “Courage to Leap & Lead…A Roadmap for Redefining Failure Into Success,” has ascended to the pinnacle of acclaim, securing the number one spot in five distinguished categories on Amazon, including Best New Release, Organizational Change, Business Production & Operations, Business Inclusion & Diversity, and Organizational Behavior.


This monumental achievement underscores her profound influence on contemporary business thought and practice.
A sought-after voice in the global dialogue on leadership, CB has graced platforms such as the Renaissance Weekend, earning recognition on the Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership for two consecutive years by Leadershum. Her expertise and innovative approaches have also been acknowledged by Thinkers50, listing her among the top 50 coaches worldwide and by Global Gurus, who placed her among the top 15 experts in branding. Moreover, her unparalleled skill in enhancing coaching quality has been ranked number one by Marshall Goldsmith in his Top Global Coaches, solidifying her position as a luminary in the field.

Under the moniker of the Courage Consultant, CB helms the award-winning “Courage: To Leap & Lead” videocast and podcast, further extending her influence as the CEO of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC). Her certification as a global “Certified Master Corporate Executive Coach” complements her trusted advisor and corporate executive coach role, with her “Courage To Leap & Lead” newsletter on LinkedIn amassing over 3,200 subscribers—a testament to her captivating insights and leadership acumen.

CB’s keynote speeches and workshops, such as “The Courage to Leap & Lead” and “Implementing Courage to Increase Innovation,” are renowned for inspiring and motivating, encouraging individuals and organizations alike to pursue excellence through courage and innovative problem-solving. Her approach redefines the perception of courage within the corporate sphere, advocating for a culture where failure is seen as a stepping stone to success.
Her foundational role in establishing the ACEC as a change-making organization within the coaching industry reflects her commitment to excellence and accountability in executive coaching. The ACEC, under her leadership, champions mastery-level coaches working with top-tier organizations, offering the prestigious MCEC (Master Corporate Executive Coach certification) through the MEECO Leadership Institute.

CB’s influence extends beyond coaching, significantly contributing to marketing and branding. As the former head of branding for ready-to-eat cereals at General Foods, she was instrumental in shaping iconic brands’ visual and market presence, earning accolades for her marketing and branding prowess. Her leadership roles in various organizations, including co-founding the National Association for Interior Designers and serving as Chairperson for the North Plainfield, New Jersey’s Historic Commission, further illustrate her multifaceted career.

An esteemed academic, CB’s educational background includes a graduation from the New School for Social Research and an MBA from Pace University. Her roles as an adjunct professor and instructor have enabled her to share her vast knowledge and experience with the next generation of leaders.

CB Bowman’s contributions to coaching, leadership, and organizational development are immeasurable, marked by her unwavering commitment to fostering courage, innovation, and transformation within the corporate world. Her work inspires and guides leaders and organizations toward achieving their fullest potential, embodying the essence of courageous leadership in every endeavor.

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