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CB Bowman



Founder & CEO: 

The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) is a private international membership based association for mastery level Corporate Executive Coaches who coach the top tier of 90% of organizations listed as F1000 companies. We offer certifications as Master and Postgraduate Corporate Executive coaches. Our focus is on three areas:

  • Supporting our members in the journey from being Corporate Executive Coaches to being Enterprise Wide Business Partners©. Those who are recognized by the boardroom and CXO’s as being proactive in elevating their client’s business through its human capital.
  • The sustainability and/or continued growth of their practice by providing targeted research, marketing information, ethics and peer level surveys/networking and certification.
  • Humility—we define our members as: “those who do not wear their success in such a way that it denigrates another persons existence™”.*

The MEECO Instituteis a not-for-profit think tank, research and information/ resource sharing institute for exploring leadership and the employee experience. We partner with various universities world-wide to conduct leading edge research in the area of workforce coaching and the management of talent.s a designation that distinguishes organizations that have achieved excellence through weaving concepts of executive coaching, etc. into the fabric of their culture.

 The BrainTrust™ is a membership organization for the next generation Corporate Executive Coaches who wish to contribute, grow, and develop their professional experience and/or coaching portfolios in a way that supports their ability to be an ‘enterprise-wide’ business partner with their clients at the mastery level

Executive Leadership, LLC™ (ELLLC) is an executive coaching firm that uniquely specializes in working with “Executive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder©” (PTSD) as a result of non-violent corporate harassment and discrimination. Its focus is with emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and senior leaders. Additionally, ELLLC works with organizations seeking human capital re-positioning, development and/or growth through coaching, counseling, and/or strategic advice.

She is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute in the Far East and Europe. She is also a certified Master Corporate Executive Coach through the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. Bowman was also certified in the United States as a Board Certified Coach with designation endorsements in executive and career coaching through the Center for Credentialing Education. Bowman is a master trainer with experience in curriculum design and train-the-trainer programs.

With her Fortune 500 business background and laser-like precision, she swiftly narrows in on the issues related to human capital productivity. She presents financially sound, creative and action-oriented solutions with infinite possibilities. Her methodology is an intuitive mix of cognitive listening and behavior modification with a solid foundation of business modeling. Additionally, Bowman has been an adjunct professor for several academic institutions including Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where she also sat on their Board of Advisors, Mercy College in the Department of Human Resources, Fashion Institute of Technology and Rutgers University in the Center for Management.

CB’s hobby is information technology where she has a blog http://www.TheCloset-Techie.com and her four-legged son, a redheaded Cairn Terrier named London (a.k.a Ivan the Terrible).


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