Code of Conduct

More than 40 thousand people around the globe look to Corporate Executive Coaches for their vision, their guidance, their values and their effectiveness. With this role comes a great responsibility for executive coaches to serve clients and the public with integrity. To fulfill this responsibility, ACEC: Association of Corporate Executive Coaches members, consultant and industry partners professionals, consultants, and industry partners be committed to ethical standards that promote the goal of transforming business for the better.

To join ACEC/MEECO is to commit to work in accordance with its ethical standards and to encourage the development and implementation of the ethical standards within the industries and professions represented by its members.

The Codes of Conduct embodies aspirational ethical standards. The aspirational ethical standards describe the conduct that individuals and organizations strive to uphold as ACEC/MEECO members. Although adherence to the aspirational ethical standards is not easily measured, conducting themselves in accordance with these ethical standards is an expectation that members have of themselves as professionals. Among the aspirational ethical concepts, which these Codes of Conduct embrace, are those of respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty.

Respect is demonstrating a high regard for one’s self, others, and the resources entrusted to them. Those resources may include people, money, reputation, the safety of others, and natural or environmental resources. An environment of respect engenders trust, confidence, and performance excellence by fostering mutual cooperation — an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued.

Responsibility is taking ownership for the decisions one makes or fails to make, the actions one takes or fails to take, and the consequences that result.

Fairness is making decisions and acting impartially and objectively. A member’s conduct must be free from competing self-interest, prejudice, and favoritism.

Honesty is understanding the truth and acting in a truthful manner both in one’s communications and in one’s conduct.

Core Ethical Standards
As an ACEC/MEECO member, one should aspire to:

  1. Respect and uphold public laws that govern one’s work;
  2. Be honest in conducting the member’s business;
  3. Respect the confidentiality of information gained through one’s work;
  4. Act fairly;
  5. Foster an ethical culture through one’s work; and
  6. Take responsibility for one’s conduct.

ACEC/MEECO Professional/Executive/ Coach members, Consultants, Industry Partners aspire to demonstrate ethical conduct by acting in the manner described in ACEC/MEECO’s Core Ethical Standards Addendum. SEE CHART BELOW

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