"The Center of Excellence for Corporate Executive Coaches™"

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is “Excellence” defined in ACEC?
  • “Being seen by client organizations as an enterprise wide trusted partner, who provides value and makes a positive difference when working with an organization.”
  • How you can contribute to ACEC
  • The biggest way you can contribute and is to start a branch (please contact CB Bowman for information on this model) or join a committee Contact CB Bowman, cb@acec-association.org.
  • What you can learn by associating with like minded colleagues
  • This is something best determine based on your needs​​, ACEC members are open to knowledge sharing and business partnerships​. The more you are involved the greater the reward
  • Whether ACEC receives inquiries by clients for potential projects
  • This is not our focus area. Currently our membership fees do not support our ​ability to recruit in this area
  • Any potential publishing connections (specifically Berrett Koehler)
  • We would be open to establishing a relationship.​ Contact CB Bowman, cb@acec-association.org