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CB Bowman, MBA, BCC, CMC, Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) — Founder ♦ CEO

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CB is CEO and founder of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) (
www.acec-website.org) an association dedicated to senior level coaches working with the top-tier of organizations.

In 2016 she created the MEECO Designation™ (Measuring Excellence in the Use of Executive Coaching in Organizations) (www.meeco-designation.org). During its first year, MEECO awarded the gold level designation to the Mayo Clinic and the bronze level to the Ford Motor Company.

She is also CEO of Executive Leadership, LLC (www.exec-leadershipllc.com.) ELLLC is an executive coaching firm that uniquely specializes in working with “Executive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder©” (PTSD) as a result of non-violent corporate harassment and discrimination. Additionally, ELLLC works with organizations seeking human capital repositioning, development and/or growth through coaching, counseling, and/or strategic advice.

She is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute in the Far East and Europe. She is also a certified Master Corporate Executive Coach through the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. Bowman was also certified in the United States as a Board Certified Coach with designation endorsements in executive and career coaching through the Center for Credentialing Education. Bowman is a master trainer with experience in curriculum design and train-the-trainer programs and has authored several articles.

With her Fortune 500 business background and laser-like precision, she swiftly narrows in on the issues related to human capital productivity. She presents financially sound, creative and action-oriented solutions with infinite possibilities. Her methodology is an intuitive mix of cognitive listening and behavior modification with a solid foundation of business modeling.

Bowman has been an adjunct professor with several academic institutions including Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where she also sat on their Board of Advisors, Mercy College in the Department of Human Resources, Fashion Institute of Technology and Rutgers University in the Center for Management.

CB’s hobby is information technology where she has a blog www.TheCloset-Techie.com and her four-legged son, a redheaded Cairn Terrier named London (a.k.a Ivan the Terrible or Sir London).

• The Institute of Behavioral Coaching, Certified Master Coach; Center for Credentialing Education, BCC
• New York University, Certificate Organizational Development
• Pace University, MBA Marketing
• The New School: New School for Social Research & Parsons School of Design, BA Psychology & Art

Certifications visit LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cbbowman and www.linkedin.com/company/association-of-corporate-executive-coaches/products?trk=top_nav_products

“CB Bowman: #1 Career Management Coach for African-Americans Executives and Managers


Dr. Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins, Executive Coach

Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. She is a seasoned business professional, Executive Coach and consultant focused on learning and organizational development. She brings knowledge, intelligence, and skill to the development of actionable solutions and strategies, which combined with a sense of humor, ensure results.

Ronnie understands the challenges of leadership. She has used her broad-based knowledge of how to apply best practices in learning, organizational development and business to provide support to individuals and organizations through change, including managing transitions, rapid growth, reorganization, downsizing, strategic redirection, mergers, acquisition, and culture change. Over 25 years of experience building and leading high-performance consulting teams to facilitate solving problems in business and industry and build practical high-quality solutions that bring bottom-line results and meet business objectives.

My work with leaders from the executive suite to the front lines reflects my lifelong interest in helping people reach their full potential. I understand the challenges of leadership and feel strongly that coaching begins with understanding my clients’ strengths and identifying opportunities for development. I collaborate with my clients to build a development plan based on information gathered from many sources. This data-based approach helps us to target opportunities and make decisions about how to most productively work together. It also can help executives to understand the impact their behavior and communication have on others. My goal is to help senior leaders remove roadblocks to achieving their personal and professional goals.

I am someone who believes that “fun” and work are not mutually exclusive. Confronting challenges and continually learning and growing are keys to success. I find that sometimes the best way to open ourselves to change is to “not take ourselves so seriously” – even though the work we do is very serious and important. Without a sense of humor, we can lose sight of the opportunities in front of us.


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Dr. Frank Wagner, Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC)

Frank has been a full-time consultant in the leadership field since 1981. His consulting career began when he joined the staff part-time at The Center for Leadership Studies with Paul Hersey in the late 1970’s. He then became a partner and director at Keilty, Goldsmith & Boone. Besides co-founding Prism Ltd in 1986, Frank currently serves as a Director for GEO Strategic Services Inc., an organization focused on helping organizations with strategic action in FastTime.

In the leadership development arena, Frank’s training specialty is leadership behavior; with an emphasis on commitment, teamwork, influence across organizational boundaries, coaching, and faster strategic planning and execution. His training designs all revolve around a specific leadership model supported by exercises and tools to apply the concepts learned.

As a behavioral coach, Frank brings a wide range of experience working with individuals from mid-level management through C-level positions. First with the Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL), then with Marshall Goldsmith Partners, Frank oversaw the training process in Marshall Goldsmith’s method of behavioral coaching for their first two years in business. In this capacity, he co-developed and trained all coaches in the Marshall Goldsmith Partners network. Now Frank is a partner in The Marshall Goldsmith Group and co-founder of “Stakeholder-Centered Coaching” with Chris Coffey and Marshall Goldsmith. He also serves as a coach and facilitator for Global Leadership Associates.



Susan Gilell-Stuy, PCC, ♦ Executive Coach

Susan knows that brilliant leadership doesn’t just happen. It isn’t magic. It’s intentional. As a Corporate Executive Coach and consultant for more than a decade, she has become a valued strategic partner for the executives, leaders, and teams that she has worked with both nationally and internationally helping them discover, fine tune and apply the leadership behaviors and skills that enable them to consistently deliver outstanding tangible results.

Susan has strong background and expertise in leadership development, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and evidence-based predictors of executive success. She is well versed in solution focused, strengths based, and stakeholder coaching methodologies in addition to a focus on coaching millennial leaders. She has coached clients across a diverse group of industries which includes clients in Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services/Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance, Biotech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Apparel, Energy and Internet Startups.

Prior to becoming a coach and consultant Susan held senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, among them JP Morgan Chase, Prudential Investments, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, and is now the owner and managing principal at Leadership Compound, LLC.

Susan has earned a graduate certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas Naveen Jindal School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. John’s University. She is certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, holds a PCC level credential from the International Coach Federation and is certified in the following assessments: The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-I 360) – MHS, Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP-I and CDP 360) – Eckerd College, Core Values Index (CVI) – Taylor Protocols.

Susan is an active member of a number of professional organizations related to coaching and leadership. She coaches on a pro-bono basis for the Dress for Success GPN Worldwide Program sponsored by Walmart. She also works as a strategic partner to other executive coaches, helping them build and flawlessly execute a focused business plan that ensures a robust, sustainable demand for their services. Susan speaks often on the topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management and millennial leadership.

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Jordan Goldrich, MBA, BCC, CMC, Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC)

MCEC ♦ Executive & Business Coach [/fancy_header]

Jordan Goldrich is an Executive Coach and the Chief Operations Officer of CUSTOMatrix, a professional services firm incorporated in 2005. Jordan draws on a diverse skill set acquired from his background as a Chief Operations Officer, Executive Coach and mentor coach for other executive coaches with the Center for Creative Leadership, and licensed therapist. His talent lies in an ability to assist senior executives in achieving business results while simultaneously developing their organizations, employees and themselves. Jordan is a specialist in resolving workplace conflict. He assists executives and their teams in collaborating more effectively, repairing the leaks that drain money, people and productivity.

As Chief Operations Officer of a behavioral healthcare company, Jordan was instrumental in creating an 800% increase in revenue over seven years, securing an HMO license and executing a successful acquisition by WellPoint Health Networks.

As an Executive Coach, he has provided leadership coaching for two, fast-track Senior Vice Presidents with a 1 trillion investment firm. Both were promoted to Executive Vice President. He designed and implemented both a senior leadership and a supervisory academy for the San Diego Community College District. These programs have been running successfully for 5 years.












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