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2013 ACEC Thought Leaders



Association of Corporate Executive Coaches Announces Winners of its First International Awards Competition
Posted on May 31, 2013 at 08:36 AM EDT

The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC), a global organization dedicated to shaping the standards for the master-level executive coaching industry, today announced two winners of the Global 2013 ACEC Executive Coaching Thought Leader of Distinction competition – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Barbara Singer Cheng.

The ACEC Executive Coaching Thought Leader of Distinction was designed by CB Bowman, CEO of the ACEC, along with her Board of Advisors to recognize industry leaders who have nurtured and stimulated corporate executive coaches to greater heights of excellence. Of the winners, CB Bowman noted, “The contributions of both Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Barbara Singer Cheng have paved the way for positive, lasting change on organizations they’ve consulted with and transformative and sustainable business impacts on those they’ve coached.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has authored and/or co-edited a total of 33 books, including his New York Times best seller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, which has also achieved other distinguished honors, such as recognition as the Wall Street Journal #1 Business Book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year.

Dr. Goldsmith has a host awards and recognitions in almost every professional organization in his field, including the American Management Association, National Academy of Human Resources and the Institute for Management Studies, where he became the second recipient of the IMS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. He has also received major press acknowledgements from Fast Company (America’s Preeminent Executive Coach), BusinessWeek (50 Great Leaders in America), Wall Street Journal (Top Ten Executive Educators) and Forbes (Five Most-Respected Executive Coaches).

Dr. Goldsmith received his Ph.D. from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and in 2012, he was recognized as their Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. He is a frequent speaker at leading business schools across the U.S. and has worked with over 150 CEOs and their management teams.

Barbara Singer Cheng is the founder, president and CEO of Executive Core, where she leads a group of 100 global professionals, whose mission is to more quickly innovate professional development globally.

Singer Cheng has dedicated her career to developing leaders around the world and helping them reach their full potential. In fact, she helped pioneer the field of executive coaching and has mentored thousands of coaches over the years. She also made time to author numerous executive education programs, pen two books (Personal Influence and Work Values: Organizational Building Blocks), and serve on the board of the Executive MBA Council for two terms as corporate liaison.

After hearing about the award bestowed upon her, Singer Cheng noted, “I am extremely honored to have been selected by ACEC for this prestigious award. I have been passionate about executive coaching for twenty years, even before it was called ‘Executive Coaching’. I love this profession because you can really engage the whole system around very talented senior leaders resulting in entire systems working better. Executive Coaching is one of the few disciplines where you have a lot of feedback surrounding you and the clients to support the whole organization.”

The ACEC would like to congratulate Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Barbara Singer Cheng on their well-deserved awards. With this esteemed award, they will also receive lifetime memberships to the ACEC.

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In the first few months of 2013, the ACEC re-launched its website and blog and a new board and executive committee are also helping steer the ACEC in new and exciting directions. Join them for their first Executive Coaching Tweet Chat led by @execcoaches on Tuesday, June 26, 2013, from 4:30pm – 5:30pm EDT by following the hashtag #execcoaches as they discuss the following topic: “Has confidentiality prevented us from sharing critical lessons learned?”