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Alliance of Executive Coaching AssociationsWe are pleased to announce our new program, “Alliance of Executive Coaching Associations™” (AECA)



Alliance of Executive Coaching Alliances, defined

We believe that there is unity in numbers and learning from differences; therefore we have created a space on our platform for sharing. AECA’s are regional or international associations for Executive Coaches. These regional groups may be located in the US or abroad, they may join ACEC through the Alliance of Executive Coaching Associations.
Benefits for your members
    • Listed in our global directory with a personal webpage on ACEC’s website
    • Professional liability insurance discounts (US Only)
    • Vendor Discounts
    • Latest research
    • International person to person networking
    • Mastery level certification
    • Newsletter
    • Rapid Cycle Coaching (Mastery level Peer to Peer Case Intervention)
    • High-powered committee opportunities
    • Reduced rates in a global association.
    • Digital marketing for authors

  • Increased exposure
  • Keep your identity, Keep your rules, Keep your certifications.
  • Your logo and link listed on ACEC’s special cohort member page on our website.
  • ACEC’s logo and link appear on your home page/website.
  • Intense digital marketing across all major platforms
  • Exposure at conference events
  • Increased membership
  • Increase revenue stream. The Alliance Member organization receives a 10% rebate on membership fees paid to ACEC at year-end. In order for a member to receive an ACEC discount they must be a member of their regional group.
  • Short 3-year agreements
  • Co-marketing
  • Ability to offer your senior level coaches the next step up in enrichment.
Typical coach profile

AECA is comprised of associations whose members represent a global network of Executive Coaches who are at the mastery level of the profession. We identify mastery level in based on many  a complex formula with several tangents considered and weighed, for example:

  1. Coaches who work with Fortune 100 to 1000 companies coaching the top third of the organization.
  2. Coaches who have had some formal training in executive coaching and /or who have made an industry wide impact in the field.
  3. Coaches who rely on executive coaching for 70% of their income stream
  4. Coaches who have had academic exposure to business and psychology.


The only costs are the dues that each member is charged for membership! We do ask for a minimum number of qualified members per yr. paid at the beginning of your calendar year. This is calculated based on the number of anticipated qualified coaches we feel your association would attract.

The cost for membership for international associations is relative to the cost of living for your location, as well as the size of your existing membership. For example, if your group is located in a BRIC nation and it is considered an “emerging nation economy” the cost per member might be lower than other parts of the globe.

To complete an application contact CB Bowman

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