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About Us
The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches LLC  is a private international membership based association for mastery level Corporate Executive Coaches who coach the top tier of 90% of organizations listed as F1000 companies. We offer certifications as Master and Postgraduate Corporate Executive coaches. Our focus is on three areas:

  • Supporting our members in the journey from being Corporate Executive Coaches to being Enterprise Wide Business Partners©. Those who are recognized by the boardroom and CXO’s as being proactive in elevating their client’s business through its human capital.
  • The sustainability and/or continued growth of their practice by providing targeted research, marketing information, ethics and peer level surveys/networking and certification.
  • Humility—we define our members as: “those who do not wear their success in such a way that it denigrates another persons existence™”.*

The Inukshuk, pronounced in-ook-shook, meaning “in the image of man
INUKSHUK They endure as eternal symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of friendship and reminding us of our dependence upon one another.

The traditional meaning of an Inukshuk was to act as a compass or guide for a safe journey. Today, this serves as a reminder that we always have a choice in the direction we choose to take in our lives.

The Inukshuk guided people across the frozen tundra and gave them hope in barren places to handle hardships they encountered. Inukshuks in themselves are the product of cooperation.

The hands and efforts of an entire group were required to build these massive stone sculptures.

They are the result of a consensus of purpose, of focused action by a group united in its goal and labor.

The Inukshuk reminds us that as good as our individual efforts may be, together we can do even greater things. Each individual stone in an Inukshuk supports, and is supported by, the one above and the one below it. No one piece is any more or less important than another. Its strength lies in its unity. Its significance comes from its meaning as a whole.

About Our Members

“91% of ACEC members coach 80% of the Executive Teams from Fortune 500 companies.”
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